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Samples, swag & exposure: 
product review and disclosure policy

I regularly share food products that I’ve tried, enjoy & reap benefit from on Instagram, Facebook, and in my weekly newsletter. Some items are purchased at the grocery store, some may come from an event I attend, and others may be sent from a company looking for exposure. Whitness Nutrition is happy to accept a product for review. Please send with general information about your company, your mission, the ingredient list and nutrition facts. If your doesn’t align with your whole foods, minimal ingredients, balanced nutrition, nutrient-rich mission we will provide you authentic feedback, but NOT share it with our viewers. We don’t want to give you negative exposure but our expert feedback may be beneficial! Samples are often utilized at new client meetings for examples, giveaway at lunch & learns and random swag for teaching events. 

 I always disclose my relationship with brands, commodities or any other organizations. If I received a product in the mail for free, I will disclose it in the communication. 

What Whitness Nutrition looks for:
  • If it’s food, it must be healthy! I don’t feature “treat yo-self” items. 
  • If you send something containing gluten, dairy, corn or beef I’m happy to have a client review, but I am allergic. 
  • Subjects that I cover on a regular basis: protein-rich snacks, diabetic/low-carb snacks, whole30 compliant, allergen-friendly, anything coffee related, travel-friendly snacks, paleo meals, one-pan meals, reheat pre-prepared whole foods options. Anything that makes life easier and healthier in the kitchen for families.
  • I eat and promote all food groups–the whole-food versions. 
  • No artificial flavors or partially hydrogenated oils 
  • Snack bars that have no resemblance to nature – pass.
  • Protein powders: I’m interested in those that are sourced from real food without any sweeteners. 
  • Bottled water – NO. But canned or bottled sparkling water, YES. 
  • Have a useful cooking gadget? We’re all about smarter, not harder. 
  • I love all things coffee. 
  • I workout hard but I don’t utilize workout-related caffeine supplements, nor do I promote them. 

Disclaimer: all thoughts, product reviews, and other statements on our blog and other social media channels are always my own opinions and are never meant to be misleading. If I receive products for review and exposure from companies - I will only express my honest opinions and beliefs and always blatantly announce the product has been provided for review. Complete transparency as a clinician is my goal.


Companies/Brands I work(ed) with: 

  • Vital Proteins

  • NutPods

  • Safe Catch Foods

  • Artisana 

  • Tribali Foods 

  • Mikey's Muffins

  • NutButter Nation 

  • Chomps 

  • Epic 

  • Primal Kitchen Foods 

  • RXBar 

  • Further Food 

  • Zupa Noma 

  • True Fare 

  • Georgia Grinders

  • Tio  

  • Chameleon Coldbrew

  • Zoe's Kitchen

  • Whole30

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