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The opinions expressed here are those of Whitness Nutrition and Whitney Stuart, only.  These products are part of my daily regimen and have been thoroughly researched. I try up to ten products per week, ensuring they hold nutritional value and fit the Whitness standard of being full of real food with real purpose.

I would hate for you to try something, waste your money, and it be nasty, inflammatory & worthless. The products below have been tried, loved, and I've worked with the brand to provide you a discount. I'm not compensated in anything except product. I ask all companies to provide product instead of compensation, which shows my true belief in the product for my own benefit (unless it's corn/beef/dairy/gluten of course). Payment would make me seem bias; I'm not about that life. I serve a purpose as a healthcare practitioner; unbias, evidence-based TRUTH. 

Coupons and codes have been included for YOU. I want to put the newest/best and most quality nutrients in front of my patients and followers. 



Although these bars aren't balanced, they serve as a great snack option with a punch of plant-based fats from nuts and seeds. There is ~7g of sugar, but for a 200+ calorie bar; this is acceptable. The sweetener? honey and/or maple syrup. Almost all their ingredients are organic and they are all pronounceable. They will definitely replace my patient's LARABAR go-tos.


Try my favorite flavors Chocolate macadamia nut & black sesame sea salt with code YES2WHITNESS


Snap Kitchen

code whitnessnutrition for $15 off your first meal. Download the app and add the code at checkout. 


Thrive Market

Similar to Amazon with curated health food products and a specific page of my favorites/usual ordered items. 


Try a 30 day free trial with 25% off your first order HERE


Safe Catch Tuna

Wild, organic & very low in mercury. These single packs are my no-excuse protein source when I'm traveling. 

Code whitness for 10% off. 


Further Food Collagen

code whitnessnutrition for 15% off. I love this grass-fed option, similar to Vital Proteins but a CA based product and women-owned! 


Siete Foods

I can't do gluten and corn is my energy; but these are the perfect treat when I need to dip! 


Territory Foods

The meal prep service I use to supplement our lunches each week. Variety is key for healthy living. $25 off two orders, here. 


Imperfect Produce

A local and organic CSA box delivered to your doorstep with *sometimes* less than perfect looking produce. Customization is possible, but the seasonal options allow you to get creative with your cooking! $10 off. 


Elements Meals

Dehydrated nutrient-rich meals; just add water. Perfect for travel, hikes or on-the-go meals. Easy to make on a plane! Code WHITNESS for a discount


Superseed Life

code whitnessnutrition



The only sweet protein bar/meal replacement that I do. Perfectly balanced. 


Purity Coffee

Biohacker Todd posted this and I was sold on their mission, but now that I've gone through a 5lb bag, I'm sold on the quality and taste too. I'm on their RDN Coffee Council and am able to provide a discount to my patients(and freesh coffee at the office!) 

code whitnessnutrition will get you 10% off



Plant-based creamer with no added sweetener. It's incredible. I use it literally, every day.

code whitnessnutrition for 15% off


Buck What!

code whitness20 try the sunflower noshes; delicious and grain-free. Buckwheat is related to a rhubarb; a great source of grain-free starch. 



My clients say that this meat stick has the best texture; I'm partial to a few BUT I do love the chomplings and the turkey options! 


Butcher Box

Two years ago our New Year's resolution was only grass-fed meat; we haven't' turned back. This service helps. It's hard to justify picking up meat at the grocery store when your freezer is already full... You can use this link for $10 off, free *no sugar/no nitrate* bacon & free shipping. 



20 minute body weight workouts. Sounds like ZERO excuses. Try one month free with code whole30. Todd is a great instructor and motivator.