Family Health

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Overwhelmed with the approaching school year and how to best feed your little?


A personalized family-friendly menu; 5 breakfast, lunch & dinner suggestions based on dietary needs.


-A guide for the best choice of carbs & vegetables, dairy products, lean meats, and fats. 


-Healthy snacks and convenience food suggestions around DFW $75

Fuel for School

Engage expert grocery guidance! Let’s walk through it together. I’ll meet you at the grocery store for an aisle by aisle experience. We will review the best food choices, how to read labels, introduce new ingredients, find healthy on-the-go options, and provide tips to avoid waste and over-spending.



Lunchbox Shop

- Bring the whole family on your nutrition journey! 



-One on one consult with each family member to assess current health goals, strengths, and weaknesses. 

-Specific recommendations and interventions provided to improve overall health as a family unit. 

-A personalized family-friendly menu & person-specific recommendations to optimize health. 


Family Fueling
#3 lets make this! .JPG

A holistic weekly meal guide that includes an easy to follow breakdown of batch cooking! One breakfast, one smoothie & our 3 Mix&Match variation bowls. $50/week. 

Weekly Guidance