A slimmer waist
By having a plan to follow I'm not wondering anymore, cracking my head thinking what I'm not going to eat? Is it healthy enough? And things like that
More energy & less weight
I have learned that what I eat effects my emotions and what I eat effects my weight loss more than how much I workout.
Down 50 lbs and 3 dress sizes
For me this has been primarily an emotional journey and letting go of the strong ties I have with food and emotions. Each day I have to be mindful of how my environment affects my well-being and how to make smart choices.
A revived closet of options!
It is way easier to say, "no" now, or to just have a bite, of whatever tempting food that is not good for me is placed in front of me.
Increased endurance and strength
How to make better choices with my meals and how they are planned
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