January, April & September

Why utilize a coach?

30 days of a Whole30 reset is absolutely possible alone. But, I’m here to make it more blissful. Not only have I completed multiple Whole30’s, but I’ve collected my favorite tips, tricks, resources, recipes, cookbooks, coupons, bloggers, restaurants and more, to share. Not only will you complete the Whole30, but you’ll do so confidently.


I.E. Kicking a ball around with Pops is helpful, but isn’t private soccer lessons with a professional going to produce the best outcome? 


Plus, if you choose the group option, you'll instantly gain a circle of like-minded supportive individuals. I believe a community, a helping hand, and emotional support is the key to making this process the most effective. Let’s do this the right way; it is a lifestyle change after all!


A Whole30 coach ensures that you complete each task for their full benefit. 

Days 30~45 are also included; the most important phase. Here, I’ll be able to guide you with thoughtful suggestions regarding a reintroduction schedule and eventually; Life after Whole30 enhanced by Food Freedom.


I’m available for Whole30 lectures and educational seminars, in addition to my other nutrition topics. 


As a registered dietitian, I find that the Whole30 provides a really great foundation for many of my clients. Not only does it allow for a whole foods approach to elimination of common allergens, but teaches the importance of a balanced plant-heavy diet, listening to your body’s unique response to food and getting comfortable in the kitchen. Many of the Whole30 rules fit the same guidelines I give to patients as we optimize their lifestyle. After coaching many friends, colleagues, and family through it, I know that this reset fast-tracks all the other lifestyle changes; mind, body and soul.


You're welcome to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone call, where we can discuss your goals and the best plan for you. Or, shoot me an email for our individualized and customized pricing guide.


Coaching available nation-wide with local meet-up options in the DFW metroplex. 


….Whitney went above and beyond what I asked of her, and very much kept her values true to heart throughout our process together.  She helped create meal plans of foods that I already ate, and checked in with me on a weekly basis.  She even kindly shared the best Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods finds with me when I was in a rut or needed the most convenient way to stay on track.  She not only provided me with the physical support, but the mental support along the way, reminding me of the “whys” and purpose behind why I was pursuing Whole30. She had genuine passion and belief behind Whole30 and because of this, made me passionately believe in it as well.